The Room of ‘Room’ comes back to life

Ethan Tobman's production design receives an impressive showcase
The rebuilt Room of 'Room'

Lots of attention is paid to the efforts studios put into the awards season campaigns for Best Picture, Director and the acting categories.  Sometimes it’s the extra work that goes into landing Oscar nominations for categories such as Costumes, Original Score, Make Up and Production Design that helps propel a film to a Best Picture nod.  A24 already knows they have something special with Lenny Abrahamson’s “Room.”  Reviews have been superb and Brie Larson is the frontrunner for the Best Actress Oscar.  What they unveiled today may transform Ethan Tobman into an Academy Award nominee and make “Room” a lock for a Best Picture nomination if it isn’t already.

Tobman is “Room’s” production designer and once filming had wrapped he was smart enough (along with the producers) to put the intricately constructed 11×11 ft set of the actual room referenced in the title into storage.  A24 brought it to Los Angeles earlier this month and have reconfigured it complete with the same set dressing used in the film.  The mini-major lifted the curtain on the set on Sunday following a below the line screening and Q&A with Abrahamson and producer Ed Guines that I moderated at the Landmark theater.  The good news is other guild members should be able to check out the real room in the weeks to come.  Will general members of the public?  The studio is still trying to figure that out, but keep your fingers crossed (and following @A24 is probably a good idea if you want the latest updates).

Standing in “room” is quite the experience. It’s even more intimate that it seems on screen and the skylight that seems so far away from Jack is so small.  Not only does the set shine a light on Tobman’s work, but demonstrates what an incredible achievement Abrahamson and cinematographer Danny Cohen accomplished in such a confined space.  Each are beyond deserving of Oscar nods and this installation might just seal the deal with a number of Academy voters.

Check out some photos from the set embedded in this post.

“Room” is currently playing in limited release.


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